The Birth Plan question

Birth plans; to write or not to write. Hmmm . . .

Well, they have been one of the cornerstones of preparing for a natural birth for a long time. And I think is a wonderful idea for an expectant mom to ask herself what she’s hoping for from the big day, then to discuss her thoughts, hopes, and fears with her partner and draft something out. What’s more, that document can be a great communication tool that helps the couple and their doctor or midwife to be sure they’re on the same page about how everyone would like the birth to go.

After that, though, it can be tricky. When you walk into the hospital on delivery day, the nurse allotted to your birth may be thrilled to see your wishes all written out, or she could just roll her eyes. And what about the mom? How attached should she be to the plan? You can’t really plan a birth, after all. You can put your intentions out there, but then you have to ride the waves as they come.

So is it worth writing a plan in the first place? I think it is.

Make it short and positive, and present it with respect. Then you’ve created a nice piece of shorthand that allows your nursing team to get to know you. You just need to remember that on this day, like all others really, the best any of us can do is make our plans and then take what comes with grace and flexibility. That is a plan worth having.

If you do want to go ahead and write a plan, check out our Free Birth Plan in the extras area of the blog.

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