Check out Julie’s primer on texting-while-having-a-baby!

Like everyplace else, birthing rooms have been invaded by mobile gadgets.

So how can you record and share news of your baby’s arrival without impacting the birth itself? Check out our new, downloadable two-page guide to birth in the age of phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras: Birth, Gadgets, and Gizmos – a Short Primer for Using Your Phone During Labor

Based on Julie’s experience attending hundreds of births in tech-obsessed Silicon Valley, her PDF guide acknowledges that different couples have different levels of comfort with technology and emphasizes the paramount need for a laboring mom and her birth supporter to agree beforehand about what behaviors will let her feel most supported.
technology in labor 02-05-14
“I have seen women who want friends and family frequently updated so they don’t have to worry about them worrying – to the point that they’re texting and tweeting etc. more than their partners,” writes Julie. “I’ve also worked with couples that tell family and friends to expect to hear nothing until well after the baby is born. Both approaches can work. What counts here is doing what makes the laboring mom most comfortable – and then seeing that her wishes get honored.”

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