Dad mines birth suport for humor, gets grief

The New York Times recently published a blog post by new dad Jon Methven that took an amused looked at being unprepared to support himself while supporting his wife in birth. To judge by the comments he received, though, plenty of readers were unimpressed by Methven’s attempt to mine humor from the situation.

And in saying, “there is a dearth of information about what dads should expect when they are expecting to be in the delivery room for 15 hours,” we’re picking a bone with him too. A simple Google search reveals a plethora of exactly this information, including links to  ‘Deliver!

For sure, the reality of supporting a birth is plenty unusual enough to be funny, especially in retrospect. And the typical outcome, of course, is nothing short of joyous. But in our experience, it’s also one in where you’re much more likely to come out smiling if you go in well-prepared.

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