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The Peanut Ball: A smart labor tool

I just supported a couple where the doctor was very doubtful that the mom would be able to deliver without a C-section. Based on my experience, I had to agree, but the mom really wanted to avoid surgery and so … Continue reading

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Julie’s first time as a virtual doula – plus a shout out for “Deliver!”

Check out Julie’s personal website for the story of how she became a “virtual doula” to Julie and Daniel, a couple living in Portugal. The new parents also read Deliver! before mom Julie gave birth to their new son. Here’s … Continue reading

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Remembering that mothers are often birth partners

Caroline Bologna over at the Huffington Post reminded us yesterday that mothers are often birth partners and shared some amazing photographs of moms supporting their daughters in labor. In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked the International Association of Professional … Continue reading

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Make Some Noise

“Are Women’s Birth Sounds Silenced in the Hospital?” asked mother and midwife Camille Williams recently. This is going to date me, but when my daughter was born I remember that I was yelling near the end. It wasn’t in pain … Continue reading

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Dad mines birth suport for humor, gets grief

The New York Times recently published a blog post by new dad Jon Methven that took an amused looked at being unprepared to support himself while supporting his wife in birth. To judge by the comments he received, though, plenty … Continue reading

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In some countries, men are still unwelcome in the delivery room

As part of its series on pregnancy and childbirth around the world, ‘The Ninth Month,’ Public Radio International this week highlights the situation in Trinidad and Tobago, where fathers are routinely denied the right to attend their children’s births. Reporter … Continue reading

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New 5 star review: ‘Deliver!’ “should be used as a reference book while at the hospital.”

Our newest Amazon reviewer, Deborah Swartz, gives ‘Deliver! A Concise Guide To Helping The Woman You Love Through Labor‘ five stars. Here’s her review in full: “This book delivered! My son-in-law and I read this book a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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