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New! Our primer on ‘texting-while-having-a-baby’

How can couples record and share news of their baby’s arrival without impacting the birth itself? Check out our free two-page guide to birth in the age of phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras: Birth, Gadgets, and Gizmos – a Short Primer for Using Your Phone During Labor

Birth Plans

One of the things we explore in Deliver! A concise guide to helping the woman you love through labor, is the notion of a birth plan – why you might want one, why birth plans have a bad reputation with some physicians, and how best to write one.

As a freebie, though, we’re happy to share with you the sample birth plan that appears in the book’s appendix.

Hospital Pack List

Here’s another appendix item that we’re happy to share: a basic packing list of items that you might want to take with you to the hospital, if that’s where you are choosing to deliver.